Patavina Technologies has been acquired to develop innovative solutions in IoT  

Patavina Technologies has been acquired to develop innovative solutions in IoT  

A2A acquires the start-up Patavina Technologies to develop innovative solutions in Internet of Things. This operation confirms the A2A Group’s strategic role in the city’s future.


The acquisition of Patavina Technologies is part of a broader investment programme aimed at researching and designing new technologies, accelerating the development of innovative solutions for Smart City.


Patavina Technologies, a software and TLC software company, a spin-off from the University of Padua founded in 2009, has developed A2A Smart City’s LoRa communications management software technologies, enabling the company to give more momentum to Smart City-related innovation processes and, for example, automating network management and control processes and strengthening connectivity technologies for the IoT.


“A2A wants to consolidate its strategic role in cities’ future: we are working to bring together the evolution of technologies and infrastructures to provide citizens with new and more intelligent services. “- Valerio Camerano, Group CEO explains – This acquisition is another leg along the route undertaken and outlined in the 2017-21 strategic plan “.


A2A Smart City is the Group’s company created to offer smart services and design the city of the future: we are active in the design and implementation of digital applications that are evolving to serve the area with the aim of simplifying citizens’ life, improving its quality and targeting a model of sustainable development.