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As a LoRa Alliance ® contributor member since 2015, A2A Smart City supports Semtech’s new proprietary 2.4GHz stack emulating LoRaWAN® at 2.4GHz. This new protocol is available with LNS ptNetSuite.

By registering below, you will be able to access the new 2.4GHz option for a free trial of 90 days.

We are committed to improve the whole solution in the next future through the integration of two additional elements:

our visualization and analytics platform, named CityEye, and Semtech LoRa Cloud™ services.

Furthermore, our platform is open to the possibility to build tailor-made solutions based on specific customer needs.



Find out ptNetSuite, the core of A2A Smart City IoT solutions:

  1. set up your own 2.4GHz LoRa® network based on Semtech stack,
  2. add your end-devices and gateways,
  3. start the data fetching.

Catch up the opportunity to test the latest feature launched by Semtech.

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