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As a LoRa® Alliance Contributor Member since 2015, A2A Smart City has decided to test itself in supporting Semtech on new feature regarding the application of LoRa® modulation on the 2.4 GHz frequency.

In fact, the fully insourced skills in A2A Smart City LAB for the development of the LoRa® Network Server have guaranteed us the opportunity to adapt our LNS ptNetSuite® very quickly.

By submitting the following info, you’ll be able to access our LoRa® Network Server for free for 90 days to appreciate its stability and contributing to help us testing the potential of this new release.



We are working to make our solutions more and more complete, valuable and user friendly: we are integrating our visualisation and analytics platform, named CityEye®, with Semtech LoRa Cloud™, enhancing the allowed use cases and the possibility to build products tailor-made on the customers’ needs.



Find out ptNetSuite®, the core of A2A Smart City IoT solutions:

  1. set up your own LoRaWAN® 2.4GHz network
  2. add your end-devices and gateways
  3. start the data fetching through the MQTT protocol

Catch up the opportunity to test the latest feature launched by Semtech.

Just add your contact details to get your credentials, and start experiencing our Network Server.


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